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Sonim is San Mateo, CA-based cell phone manufacturer that’s been producing devices since the turn of the century. They bill their devices as “the world’s most ultra-rugged Android cell phones,” and market them to companies and individuals working in fields like construction, oil and gas, wastewater, air travel, and other industries where heavy machinery is present and total durability is required. Law enforcement and emergency medical are also core markets.

Sonim says their phones are waterproof, military-grade and industrial strength. They call the Sonim XP8 is the world’s “toughest, most reliable smartphone,” and it comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty. Other devices include the XP5 handset (“communication pushed to the extreme”), XP6 (“resistance to drops and water”), XP7 (“the cornerstone of Sonim’s Mission Critical Solution”), and the ENDURO (“Military spec strength). Needless to say, these devices are a far cry from the delicate iPhones, Samsungs and Pixels we’re used to seeing.

It also goes without saying that Sonim’s devices are not really geared towards a regular consumer audience, but rather those working in industries where reliability is crucially important. If this describes what you or your company/organization is all about, you’ll want to give Sonim a close look.

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