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How Do I Change My WiFi Password?

You can change your WiFi password by logging into your router or by logging into your ISP customer account. It's easy and takes just a few minutes.
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Tips For Working From Home

Due to coronavirus, more people are working remotely than ever before. Read our tips and tricks that can help you be productive working at home.
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Back to School Tips for Remote Learning

Online learning doesn't have to be hard—read our tips for how to succeed in remote school, as well as which internet plans are best for virtual learning.
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Remote Learning: Low-Income Internet Plans

Over 40% of U.S. families don't have access to internet at home, and that is a barrier to online learning. Find affordable internet plans for remote school.
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Best Online Learning Apps for Virtual Learning

There are plenty of online learning apps available for students and professionals alike. Many of these apps include free courses on a variety of topics.
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Is My Internet Being Throttled?

If you're experiencing extremely slow internet speeds, there's a chance your ISP may be throttling your speeds. Learn how to stop your ISP from throttling your bandwidth.
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Best Internet for Rural and Remote Areas

The best rural internet providers include satellite providers, Viasat and HughesNet, but come 2021, when Starlink should be available, Starlink will likely be the best option for rural customers.
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Is Satellite Internet for Me?

Satellite internet is a good option for people living in sparsely-populated areas since satellites can reach virtually everywhere.
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Is there an AT&T outage in my area?

There are many ways to check if there's an AT&T internet outage in your area. You can log in to your account, enter your zip code on their outage search page, or check AT&T's Twitter for updates.
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Find Internet Providers In Your Area

Internet provider availability depends on where you live. Cities and suburban areas tend to have a wide variety of internet options while rural areas are typically limited to satellite internet.

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