Is My Internet Being Throttled?

If you're experiencing extremely slow internet speeds, there's a chance your ISP may be throttling your speeds. Learn how to stop your ISP from throttling your bandwidth.

Best Internet for Rural and Remote Areas

The best rural internet providers include satellite providers, Viasat and HughesNet, but come 2021, when Starlink should be available, Starlink will likely be the best option for rural customers.

Is Satellite Internet for Me?

Satellite internet is a good option for people living in sparsely-populated areas since satellites can reach virtually everywhere.

Is there an AT&T outage in my area?

There are many ways to check if there's an AT&T internet outage in your area. You can log in to your account, enter your zip code on their outage search page, or check AT&T's Twitter for updates.

Find Internet Providers In Your Area

Internet provider availability depends on where you live. Cities and suburban areas tend to have a wide variety of internet options while rural areas are typically limited to satellite internet.

Fastest Internet Providers

Generally, the fastest internet providers (ISPs) are those that offer fiber internet plans, such as Google Fiber, Verizon Fios, and AT&T Fiber. However, fiber...

Spectrum Internet Outage in Your Area

If your Spectrum internet is down, you can check online on your phone to see whether it's an issue with your own internet service/equipment, or if Spectrum is experiencing an outage of a larger scale.

Is My Cox Internet Out?

We’ve all experienced it—that unparalleled frustration that occurs when your internet goes out. And no internet service provider is immune to the occasional internet...

Best Satellite Internet Service Providers

When it comes to satellite internet, unfortunately the selection is fairly small. There is only a handful of satellite internet providers on the market...

Best Internet Speeds and Plans for Netflix

The best internet speeds and internet plans for Netflix depend on how many people (or devices) will be using the internet, where you live,...

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