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Keeping up with Let’s Talk’s internet news will connect you to the latest information on broadband providers and plans. We’ll keep you updated on internet specials broken down by provider with all the critical information you’re looking for—at-a-glance, so it’s easy to find the information you need without having to search for it.

We keep you informed about the latest internet news and technologies, so you’re always in-the-know about the internet’s hottest topics like net neutrality, major company mergers, the expansion of ground-breaking technologies and services, and so much more. We aim to improve your browsing experience, save you time, increase your bandwidth, and help you select the best provider in your area that fits your needs.

Of course, when you’re done catching up on internet news Let’s Talk is here to instantly connect you to the best internet plans and providers in your area, too! 

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Which Internet Providers Are Offering Unlimited Data During Coronavirus? (UPDATED)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many internet service providers have agreed to continue providing service to customers regardless of their ability to pay...
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Use Your Stimulus Check to Speed Up Your Internet

A $2 trillion stimulus bill was passed last week in response to the economic crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus. Under this bill,...

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