Update Your Sprint Plan Online

Updating or changing your Sprint phone plan online is as easy as 1-2-3. Long gone are the days of calling Sprint or visiting a...

Update Your AT&T Plan Online

You don’t have to call or go to an AT&T store in order to update or change your AT&T plan. All you have to...

Monthly Installments Plans or Leasing? There is a Right Answer

When buying a phone, there are a few ways to pay for it: Buy outright, Lease, or pay monthly installments. This guide will help you decide which is best.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

Streaming Netflix shows and movies from your cell phone can be entertaining, but do you know how much of your monthly data allowance you're using up? Find out here and also learn what you can do to minimize your data usage.
How Much Data Does Pandora Use

How Much Data Does Pandora Use?

If you love listening to music on Pandora all day long, you might want to check how much mobile data you're using up each month. You may be able to find yourself a more suitable cell phone plan.

How Much Data Does YouTube Use?

If you're an avid YouTuber, you may want to check how much data you're using by streaming these videos so you can pick the best cell phone plan. Find out more here.
Woman streaming music

How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

If you're a heavy Spotify user, you may want to monitor how much data you're using so you can pick the best cell phone plan for you. Find out how much data Spotify uses right here.

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