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If you’re looking for a new cell phone, you’ve come to the right place. We compare cell phones from various carriers and the plans that come with them to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Find your favorite iPhone or Android phone and check out which carrier has the cheapest price. Whether you’ve got the cash to buy a new phone outright, or want to pay it off in monthly installments, there are options for you.

We even show you how to unlock your current phone and bring it to a new carrier. These days it’s easy to bring your current phone to a new carrier if you’re unhappy with your cell phone plan. Most newer cell phones are compatible across all carriers (unlike older phones) which makes switching super easy.

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Are AT&T’s New Unlimited Plans Better?

AT&T recently announced three brand new unlimited plans that will be replacing the current ones, AT&T Unlimited &More and AT&T Unlimited &More Premium. The new...
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Reach Mobile Phones

Reach Mobile, a postpaid MVNO that runs on Verizon’s robust network, offers a solid selection of iPhones, Android devices. This includes the Google Pixel...
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Do I Need Unlimited Data?

In recent years, unlimited plans have replaced limited data plans as the gold standard for cell phone plans; however, a large percentage of people...

AT&T 5G Coverage

AT&T's 5G network covers about 6% of the country and offers speeds up to 60Mbps. Coverage is solid in New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, and more.
Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting Cell Phone Plans

Ting is a unique mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering smartphones and prepaid cell phone plans supported on both CDMA and GSM networks. With coverage spanning the entire U.S. via Verizon (CDMA) and T-Mobile (GSM) 4G LTE networks and a reputation for great customer service and affordable rates, Ting cell phone plans may be a great pick for you and your family.

Verizon Announces New 5G Device and Mobile 5G Internet Access

Verizon has officially announced their first 5G device and expounded on their 5G network which they say will continue to grow across the United...

5G: How Fast is It Compared to Past Networks?

How does 5G compare to older cellular technology? Read on as we compare data speeds—5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G.
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Do You Really Need a Mobile Hotspot?

There are a lot of things we need in this world—human communication, air to breathe, memes to laugh at—but do we really need a...
Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA Cell Phone Plans

Pure TalkUSA Plans Pure TalkUSA Family Plans Buy a PureTalkUSA Phone BYO Phone Pure TalkUSA is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) featuring affordable prepaid cell...
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Pure TalkUSA Phones

Learn more about Pure TalkUSA phones and how to buy one.

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