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FreeUP Mobile is an upstart prepaid carrier that uses AT&T’s network and offers unrestricted 4G LTE service on it. The company uses a unique rewards program that allows customers to lower their monthly bills significantly by participating in a variety of tasks, from taking online surveys to downloading mobile apps to online shopping. Savings are available via the FreeUp Rewards, which you can sign up for and download when you start service. According to the carrier, subscribers are able to earn between $10-$25 a month in rewards, making the plans as close to free as possible.

Perhaps the biggest upside of going with FreeUP Mobile for your cell phone service, though, is the great coverage that the backing of AT&T’s network provides. AT&T ranks either #2 or #3 is nationwide coverage depending on which test you’re looking at. No matter where you are in the U.S., you’re unlikely to struggle for a signal with AT&T, and by extension, FreeUp.

Since FreeUP’s plans top out at a modest allotment of data, they are best suited to light to medium users. If you’re really looking to save money, the carrier offers a limited selection of entirely free plans.

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FreeUP Mobile Phones

Compared to many small carriers, FreeUP Mobile has a wide variety of cell phones for sale, including the iPhone XS, the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the Google Pixel 3.
FreeUP Mobile Plans

FreeUP Mobile Cell Phone Plans

With top-rated coverage and affordability, FreeUP Mobile could be the carrier for you. Read all about FreeUP cell phone plans available in this article.

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