Google Phones

Google Pixel Phone Plans

All four of the major cell phone carriers sell Google Pixel phones, as do a host of select MVNOs like Google Fi. There are a few ways to buy your Pixel of choice. You can pay the full price of the Pixel upfront, pay it off over time via monthly installments, or lease it (which means that you won’t own your device at the end of the lease). It’s important to do your research when choosing a monthly payment plan, as some carriers may charge interest.

Moreover, you may want to shop around before choosing a carrier—some carriers may offer the latest Google releases while others may only offer older models.

Google Pixel Deals

Fortunately, carriers big and small offer deals on Google Pixels. Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, a trade-in discounts, and other sales can save you a good chunk of money. At Let’s Talk, we choose our favorite Google Pixel deals each week and translate all the fine print into consumer-friendly information. Check out our Google Pixel deals page for all of the latest deals.

Google Phone Guides and News

Let’s Talk’s news and guides provide you with the most up-to-date information on Google Pixel phones and phone plans. We also give you the latest on Google phone releases, including pre-order dates, prices, specs, features, and more. Check out these resources to make the most of your Pixel phones, no matter which carrier you are using.

About Google Phones

Google released the first Pixel phone in 2016, leaving behind the Nexus model of phones that they used to manufacture in partnership with HTC. The Pixel phone line's key concept is centered around AI-powered hardware and best-in-class cameras. Owners of Pixel devices receive Android updates as they are available to Google and also have an Android OS that is free of any third-party tampering that might interfere with the performance of the phone.

Google Pixel phones have some innovative features that make them stand-out in the crowded smartphone market. Such features include:

  • High-quality cameras
  • Google Assistant
  • Searchable transcriptions of speech recordings
  • Live View in Google Maps
  • Unlimited storage for photos in the Google Cloud
  • And more!