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Virgin Mobile Plans

As of February 2020, Sprint has discontinued Virgin Mobile and transferred current Virgin Mobile customers to its other MVNO, Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile customers can choose to stay with Boost Mobile or search for a new carrier. Customers looking for a carrier to switch to can no longer sign up for a Virgin Mobile plan.

Virgin Mobile previously offered prepaid plans backed by Sprint’s LTE network. Every plan included unlimited talk and text, with varying data allowances. Their most expensive plan, the Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plan, was priced at $60/month, and included unlimited music streaming and hotspot capability.

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer deciding to stick with Boost Mobile, you will be transferred to a comparable Boost Mobile phone plan. The same goes for add-ons. Boost Mobile similarly runs on Sprint’s network so you’ll receive the same coverage you did on Virgin Mobile.

Boost’s plan prices and features are fairly comparable to Virgin’s, though since Boost includes taxes and fees in their prices you may actually even save a few bucks. Plus, every single Boost Mobile plan includes mobile hotspot data, which is a rarity on the MVNO market.

Virgin Mobile Cell Phones

Virgin Mobile customers don’t have to worry about their phone’s compatibility when they migrate to Boost Mobile. All Virgin Mobile phones will work on Boost Mobile, since they also utilize the Sprint network for service. Plus, you will also get to keep your same phone number and monthly payment date.

Once your account has been transferred to Boost Mobile, you will have the option of upgrading to a Boost Mobile phone if you want, but you don’t have to. Likewise, if you have phone insurance on your Virgin Mobile account, it will carry over to Boost Shield insurance.

Boost Mobile doesn’t have the biggest selection of smartphones, but they do carry some newer devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung, as well as a smattering of pre-owned phones. The only way you can buy a Boost Mobile phone is to pay for it outright, which may be doable for older modes and pre-owned devices but may be cost prohibitive when it comes to pricier flagship smartphones that push the $1,000 mark outright.

Virgin Mobile Guides and News

Virgin Mobile is becoming Boost Mobile, so there’s certainly a lot to keep up with! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can track all the latest news and changes to Virgin/Boost here, as well as keep up with any new offers or deals from Boost Mobile.

About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is going through some major changes at the moment—Sprint, Virgin Mobile’s parent company, is transferring Virgin customers to Boost Mobile. Like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile is a Sprint MVNO, and thus has the same coverage as Sprint. Sprint’s 4G network covers 30% of the country, and is particularly strongest along the eastern seaboard.

All of Boost Mobile’s plans are prepaid, meaning you pay for them at the beginning of each month, and you can forgo a credit check as well. If you’re looking for a new phone, keep in mind that Boost Mobile doesn’t offer device payment plans—you will have to buy your phone outright.