HughesNet is one of a handful of satellite internet service providers in the U.S. and claims to be “America’s #1 choice for satellite internet.” As is the standard with most satellite internet plans, your speeds won’t be as fast as you could expect from a cable, DSL or fiber internet plans, but it will handle your basic video streaming and online gaming needs.

A perk to having a HughesNet satellite internet plan is that the provider doesn’t charge any overage fees. Which means, if you go over your data cap for the month, you won’t be billed extra, your internet speeds will simply be slowed down until the beginning of your next billing cycle.

A couple things you need to know about HughesNet internet plans is that firstly, you’re locked into a 24-month contract. The good thing about this is that you’ll be paying the same monthly price for 2 years with no sudden price increases. The bad thing about this is that you’ll pay a hefty early termination fee if you are unhappy with your service and want to cancel. The second thing you need to be aware of is that HughesNet does charge for professional installation and equipment which can set you back a few hundred dollars.

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