Twigby Cell Phone Plans

Twigby's cell phone plans are great, not only because they're cheap, but because they're customizable so you only pay for what you need. You're not choosing a single plan with Twigby, instead you choose the amount of call minutes and data you need each month. All plans come with unlimited domestic and international texting plus free calls to both Canada and Mexico. It can't get much better than that! Wait, yes it can.

No matter which data package you choose, you'll be able to use your phone and plan as a mobile hotspot for free! No more sharing unsecured public WiFi when you want to work from Starbucks for the day. With Twigby's plan options, you'll be paying a great price for your phone plan and not paying for more than you need.

Twigby Cell Phones

There isn't the largest selection of Twigby phones available. In fact, the carrier doesn't even stock some of the newest cell phones out there today. This does make sense though, considering Twigby is a budget-friendly carrier, there would be no point in stocking the latest phones costing close to (or more than) $1,000. Who wants to be that much out of pocket?

What Twigby does offer when it comes to cell phones, is a good range of cheap phones and some higher-end options too. The great thing about Twigby is that they offer certified restored cell phones, which means you can still get a great phone in good condition but at a much lower price, since it's second hand.

Twigby Guides and News

Whether you're trying to find the latest deals from Twigby or just want more information about the carrier's plans, coverage, and phones, we're here to help. We will keep you updated on everything Twigby.

About Twigby

Twigby is a Nashville-based prepaid carrier that runs on Sprint and Verizon’s networks. The Nashville-based MVNO launched in 2015 with an assortment of low-cost, high-value mix-and-match talk, text and data plans.

Twigby primarily operates on the Sprint network, but also uses the Verizon network for talk and text where the Sprint network is unavailable. Verizon’s network ranks #1 in national network coverage shootouts, while Sprint ranks #4.

Twigby’s build-your-own plans allow you to choose the exact talk, text and data you think you’ll need each month.This is a breath of fresh air for those coming from the big carriers. The carrier supercharges their talk bundles with free unlimited global texting and calls to Canada, China and Mexico (inbound and outbound).

You can bring your own phone to Twigby for service (use their compatibility checker to make sure it works), or buy one from them directly. The carrier sells a modest selection of new and refurbished devices from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, LG, Alcatel and Kyocera. Phones must be paid for in full upfront since Twigby doesn’t offer device installment plans.

Twigby runs frequent promotions for their plans that save you additional money each month, from friends and family referral discounts to new customer deals.