TextNow Cell Phone Plans

TextNow is a small carrier that offers affordable prepaid plans backed by Sprint’s network. TextNow sets itself apart from other MVNOs by utilizing WiFi for calls, texts, and data (as opposed to using cellular data), which can help keep your monthly phone bill down.

TextNow plans range from a free WiFi-only plan to an unlimited data plan. On top of TextNow’s low-cost phone plans, this small carrier also offers a family plan that can help subscribers save even more ever month. And its contract-free philosophy means users can switch carriers at any time without worrying about penalties or additional charges.

TextNow Cell Phones

TextNow’s phone selection is limited to older devices by Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Apple, some of which are gently used. The only way to purchase a TextNow phone is to purchase it outright, meaning you pay the full price upfront at checkout (as opposed to via monthly installments). Most of TextNow’s cell phones are relatively affordable so the cost won’t put you out too much.

If you don’t need a new cell phone, you can always bring your own phone to TextNow, as long as it is compatible with TextNow’s network. You can bring both iPhones and Android phones to TextNow, and all Boost, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Virgin cell phones are compatible with TextNow’s network and don’t require a new SIM card. Other unlocked TextNow-compatible devices will require a TextNow SIM card when you make the switch.

TextNow Guides and News

We get it, the world of cell phone plans can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help. We sift through all the relevant information out there so you don’t have to. At Let’s Talk, you can keep up with all of TextNow’s latest deals, news, plans, and more. Plus, you can learn the easiest way to switch from your current carrier to TextNow.

About TextNow

TextNow is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that runs on Sprint’s 4G LTE network. This small carrier prides itself on offering low-cost plans for budget-minded customers. TextNow utilizes your WiFi connection whenever it is available so all of your mobile activities go over the internet—this includes WiFi calling and WiFi texting, as well as “WiFi data,” which isn’t really data how you’re probably used to hearing it; it just means you’re browsing the internet using WiFi. If there’s no WiFi available, customers will receive service through Sprint.

Customers can buy a TextNow phone outright or bring their own phone to TextNow. Because TextNow is a no-contract, prepaid carrier, you never have to worry about having to stay with TextNow if you don’t want to. You pay for your TextNow plan as you go and you’re free to cancel anytime if you want to switch to a different carrier.