Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless Phone Plans

Pix Wireless uses two carrier networks to power their plans. The network that you'll be on will depend on which Pix Wireless plan you choose. The Pix Yellow plan uses Sprint's network, while the Pix Silver plan uses both Sprint's and "America's Largest LTE Network" (aka Verizon's network).

Both of these types of Pix Wireless plans have two different options: monthly or pay-go. Monthly plans are basically your standard prepaid plans—you pay for the month upfront and renew the following month. Pay-go plans let you pay for what you use by buying different credit amounts which roll over each month.

Bring Your Own Phone to Pix Wireless

Since Pix Wireless doesn't sell phones, you'll need to bring your own phone (BYOP) to the carrier in order to use the service. Before you pick your Pix Wireless plan, make sure you check to make sure your phone is compatible with a Pix SIM. This can be done easily online and takes just a minute.

Your phone basically needs to be compatible with the Sprint service for a Pix Yellow plan, and unlocked and LTE capable if you want a Pix Silver service.

Pix Wireless Guides and News

We stay updated with all of the latest Pix Wireless news and plan updates, so you don't have to. If Pix Wireless changes their plans, including the pricing and data allotments, we'll be one of the first to know. If the carrier has a great deal on their plan, we'll be sure to tell you so you don't miss great savings.

About Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless is a small carrier that prides itself on its selection of affordable prepaid plans. Using Sprint’s network as well as “America’s Largest LTE” network (aka, Verizon), Pix Wireless can enjoy coverage in almost all of the United States. Although Pix Wireless plans do not come with mobile hotspot data or allow for additional lines, they are still a good choice for those who want to save some money and just need a basic phone plan.

You will have to have your own compatible phone already though, as Pix Wireless does not currently offer cell phones. Most unlocked GSM phones and Sprint-compatible phones should be able to switch without a problem. You can check your phone’s compatibility easily online before you buy a SIM card and plan from Pix.

One thing to look out for with Pix Wireless plans is which network your plan actually uses. Some plans only use the Sprint network, while other plans will use America’s largest LTE network. Make sure you check coverage maps for each of these networks before you decide on a Pix Wireless plan.