H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless Cell Phone Plans

H2O Wireless offers different cell phone plans for different situations. From unlimited data plans to pay-as-you-go plans, to multi-line plans for families. One thing to keep in mind, when H2O Wireless says "unlimited plans" they don't necessarily mean unlimited high-speed data. All of H2O's plans come with unlimited 2G data (which is quite slow) and an allotment of 4G data.

There are also pay-as-you-go plans you can choose from which let you pay only for what you use. You'll pay a standard rate for talk and text and per megabyte for data usage.

As long as you don't need more than 8GB of high-speed data each month, H2O Wireless is a decent option.

H2O Wireless Cell Phones

When it comes to cell phones, H2O Wireless doesn't exactly have the biggest or best range. There are only a few to pick from and they're all older models. If you want the newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, then you're in the wrong place.

However, if you do want a cheap phone that's not going to burn a hole in your wallet, then H2O Wireless has you covered. The carrier's phones aren't just affordable, they're super cheap. And that doesn't mean they're bad phones either. These phones may not be the best of the best, but they do the trick.

H2O Wireless Guides and News

We have everything you need to know about H2O Wireless, from their pay-as-you-go plans to which phones they have available. We'll bring you the latest news and tell you how to make the most of your H2O Wireless plan. If you're thinking of switching from your current carrier to H2O, then you're in the right place.

About H2O Wireless Mobile

H2O Wireless is a prepaid MVNO that operates on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The carrier offers an assortment of talk, text and data plans; their unlimited talk and text plans include unlimited calling to 50+ countries. H2O products can be purchased online or at over 100,000 authorized retail stores including 7-11, Target and Best Buy.

One of the key advantages of going with H2O for your next cell phone plan is the carrier’s seamless integration with AT&T. H20 is compatible with any AT&T phone, even locked ones (plus any unlocked T-Mobile device). Also, since the carrier operates on AT&T, you can expect the same great coverage the full-fledged AT&T customers enjoy, at a fraction of the price. AT&T’s network comes in at #2 or #3 in national network coverage shootouts, depending on which test you’re looking at.

If you don’t want to bring your current phone to H2O, you can also purchase one from the carrier directly. They sell a small selection of Samsung, LG and Alcatel phones on their website.

Since H2O’s plans get a bit expensive as you add more data, they are probably best suited to the light browser, streamer and gamer.