GreatCall Cell Phone Plans

GreatCall's cell phone plans are designed for those who don't need a lot of data and want the freedom to pick and choose how how much data, talk and text they pay for each month. Whether you only need 100 minutes of calls, or you need unlimited calls, or whether you want 100MB of data or you want more than 2GB of data, GreatCall has a plan for you.

The unique thing about GreatCall's plans is that they come with health and safety packages designed specifically for seniors. You can choose a basic package that include 5Star Urgent Response and check-in calls, or choose more premium safety packages that include urgent care and other features.

GreatCall Cell Phones

GreatCall doesn't stock a lot of cell phones. In fact, the carrier only offers Jitterbug phones which, like its plans, are designed for seniors. Jitterbug phones have a simple, easy-to-use design with a large screen and built-in health and safety apps.

GreatCall's phone have all the basic features of a smartphone but are very simple to use and aren't overloaded with features that you'll never use. The other great thing about these phones are that they're extremely affordable. None of this paying $1,000+ for a new iPhone. With GreatCall, you'll never pay more than a couple hundred dollars for a new phone.

GreatCall Guides and News

If you need help with your GreatCall Jitterbug phone or you can't decide which plan to choose, we have the answers. From GreatCall's best plans to their best phones, we bring you information from this carrier. If GreatCall are offering new cell phone deals, you can be sure we'll be one of the first to let you know.

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GreatCall Phones

About GreatCall

GreatCall are a cell phone service provider that offers health and safety solutions for seniors and their caregivers. The carrier is a leader in this space, offering easy-to-use cell phones that come with safety and wellness services.

One of the great feature of GreatCall’s phone plans is 5Star Service while gives you 24/7 access to medical alert agents. Users simply press the 5Star button on their GreatCall phone and they will be connected immediately with an urgent response agent. This feature is great for the elderly who may need emergency services at any point.

In terms of actual cell phones available, GreatCall only offers a couple of options—both Jitterbug phones. These phones are also designed with the elderly in mind and are great easy-to-use phones that do all the basics.

Most of GreatCall’s cell phone plans are designed for those who don’t need a lot of data, although they do have an unlimited plan option for those who do like to stream videos and browse the internet on their phones.