Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular offers low-cost, no contract cell phone plans for those who want the most value in a plan. These plans are best for those who don't need unlimited data but want the freedom to increase or decrease their data limits each month.

Although Consumer Cellular's plans are suitable for all ages, there are additional benefits if you're an AARP member, including 5% off your monthly service.

Consumer Cellular Phones

Consumer Cellular doesn't have the biggest cell phone range, but does stock some of the newest phones in the market today. If you want the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, Consumer Cellular likely have it in stock.

The great thing about this carrier is that you have the option of buying your phone outright or paying for it in monthly installments with EasyPay (not available for all phones). EasyPay makes it much easier to afford the more expensive newer phones, like the iPhone XS.

Consumer Cellular Guides and News

We bring you everything you need to know about Consumer Cellular, from new plans to the latest phones available from the carrier. We'll also bring you the latest news from Consumer Cellular, so if you want to be in the know about this carrier, keep this page bookmarked!

About Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is a name you might not be familiar with, but they’ve quietly been offering some of the best deals in the wireless industry for years now. The carrier markets to seniors with AARP discounts and the like, but the truth is that they’re a great option no matter how old you are.

Consumer Cellular runs on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, and gives customers the same great coverage that regular subscribers to these two carriers enjoy. AT&T and T-Mobile come in second and third place for national coverage (Verizon is #1), or vice versa, depending on which test you’re looking at.

Since none of Consumer Cellular’s plans come with unlimited data—and only a few come with unlimited talk and text—they are suited to the light user. You can customize your talk, text and data allotments to your exact specifications.

Consumer Cellular sells a selection of flagship and budget-minded phones from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Motorola and ZTE. Phones must be paid for upfront as the carrier does not offer device installment plans. You can also bring your own phone to the carrier.