Kyocera Phone Plans

Select carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, offer Kyocera phones. As with other popular brands, you can buy a Kyocera phone outright (pay for it in full at checkout) or via monthly installments. Kyocera phone plan options vary from carrier to carrier, so you’ll want to compare carrier catalogs and deals before choosing a phone.

Kyocera Phones

Kyocera phones are known best for their rugged design that caters to customers who need their mobile devices to work in some of the most extreme environments. Some Kyocera handset models are certified to Military Standard 810G and can resist shocks, drops, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Kyocera models also sport pure sapphire displays, which are virtually scratch-proof.

Certain Kyocera phones are also water resistant up to six feet and have touch screens that can work through 3mm thick gloves. These smartphones are equipped with Android 8 OS and will remain functional under harsh conditions. They also have noise-cancellation technology that will filter out ambient noise to ensure that who you are speaking to can hear you clearly. This range of features is ideal for first responders, construction workers, or healthcare professionals.

Kyocera offers these specialized smartphones at nearly half the cost of many flagship smartphones, but they also have entry-level phones that share some of the technologies.

Kyocera Phone Guides and News

Let’s Talk brings you the latest information on Kyocera releases, phone plans, and deals. If you’re thinking of getting a Kyocera phone, we can help you choose the right plan and model for you. If you already own a Kyocera phone, we can answer any questions you may have.

About Kyocera

Kyocera makes specialized mobile phones that cost less than similar products in the market. With this market strategy, Kyocera keeps pumping out innovative handsets, and they have won awards for their mobile phone designs. Kyocera gears the features of their phones towards consumers working in messy or noisy environments. The Business Select service Kyocera offers to these customers offers advanced replacement for damaged phones, custom repair, and many more benefits to minimize device downtime.