Coolpad Phones

Coolpad Phone Plans

Coolpad devices are available through a variety of carriers. There are a few ways to purchase a Coolpad phone: you can buy it outright, meaning you pay the full retail price upfront, or you can pay it off via a device installment plan. If you are looking to get some of the other devices that go along with Coolpad's mobile phones like the tracker or hotspot, you will have to check with the specific carrier you’re considering. Some carriers offer great deals on the Coolpad phones.

Coolpad Phones

Coolpad phones are an excellent option for any customer who doesn’t need the latest and greatest phone and instead is looking to save a nice chunk of money on their device. Coolpad makes both smartphones and flip phones, with something for just about any budget.

Coolpad Phone Guides and News

Let’s Talk’s guides and news provide you with the latest information on Coolpad phones and cell phone plans. This includes release dates, prices, specs, features, and availability. That’s not all—we also provide tips on how to switch carriers and bring your own (BYO) Coolpad, as well as other tips and tricks.

About Coolpad Phones

Coolpad is one of China's largest smartphone manufacturers. Coolpad sells affordable flip phones and smartphones, as well as other popular devices, such as trackers (for children) and hotspots. In early 2019, president and CEO, Casey Ryan of Coolpad Americas, announced significant changes to the company. Coolpad enlisted new leadership to help the company become the go-to producer of family-friendly technology.

Coolpad works with partners to create devices that include safety measures and user-friendly designs. Families can utilize devices like the Dyno Smartwatch for kids or Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot to stay connected to loved ones and ensure their safety. Parents can take advantage of features like geofencing, alarms, and real-time location tracking on the Dynowatch by Coolpad. By purchasing a Coolpad mobile phone, you have access to the applications that would send you alerts when your child's Dyno Smartwatch detects they are leaving the designated geofence you've created for them. Coolpad is continuing to invest further into technology beyond its core smartphone portfolio and is expanding the concept of a safe, connected family, a market they view as untapped.