Tello Cell Phone Plans

If flexibility is what you need in a cell phone plan, then Tello is perfect for you. With "build your own" plans, Tello allows you to choose exactly how much data and calls come with your plan (all plans have unlimited text messaging).

If you're unsure what you need, then Tello plans also come pre-made, with an economy plan for the basic user who doesn't make a ton of calls or need mobile data, to the regular Netflix streamer and Spotify listener who needs more data.

One of the best things about Tello's plans is that you'll get unlimited mobile hotspot use included with all plans. Don't risk connecting to public WiFi—keep your information secure by sharing your cell phone data with your laptop or tablet when you're on the go!

Tello Cell Phones

If you're in need of the latest and great cell phone, then you might want to look elsewhere. Although Tello does sell various phones from various brands—Samsung, Apple, Motorola for example—the carrier doesn't offer all of the latest devices to hit the market.

What you can find at Tello, however, are very budget-friendly phones. If you don't mind refurbished phones, Tello have heavily discounted iPhones and a handful of other devices for under $100.

It's good that Tello phones are so cheap too, because the only buying option for these devices is to pay for it upfront. Tello doesn't offer monthly payment options, which can make buying an expensive phone pretty difficult.

Tello Guides and News

Whether you need to know more about Tello's coverage (on Sprint's network) or just want to learn more about Tello's "Build Your Own" plans, we're here to help. We'll bring you all of the latest news, deals and plan information so you can decide whether making the switch to Tello is the right choice for you.

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Tello Phones

About Tello

Tello is an Atlanta-based MVNO offers an assortment of build-your-own plans that allow customers to specify the exact amount of talk, text and data they think they’ll need. For big carrier refugees sick of paying for what they don’t use, Tello is a breath of fresh air.

Tello runs on Sprint’s network, so customers can expect the same level of coverage that subscribers to that carrier enjoy. Speaking of which, Sprint regularly comes in fourth place out of the four major networks, behind Verizon (#1), T-Mobile (#2) and AT&T (#3). However, Sprint’s network performs quite well in certain parts of the country, especially along the eastern seaboard.

Tello’s build-your-own and ready-made plans both require upfront payment each month, and when talk, text and data limits have been reached, you’ll be cut off until you “top-up.” Fortunately, Tello’s awesome app makes managing all of this exceedingly easy. Tello’s high data prices make their service best suited to light data users who mainly rely on their phones for talk and text.

Tello has a small selection of new and refurbished phones for sale, from Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola, ZTE and Alcatel. Upfront payment for devices is required, as the company does not offer equipment installment plans.