Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA Phone Plans

Pure TalkUSA offer phone plans for those who use very little data and for those who need more for video streaming, posting to social media and playing games. All Pure TalkUSA plans come with unlimited talk and text and varying high-speed data limits, from 500MB to 10GB.

The great thing about Pure TalkUSA's plans is that you'll never be charged overages or run out of data. Once you use up your high-speed data allotment, your data speeds will simply slow down until you refill your service plan the following month.

Pure TalkUSA Cell Phones

Pure TalkUSA doesn't have the biggest range of cell phones, but the carrier does have some of the newest phones, like the latest Samsung Galaxy devices. All phones can be bought outright only (i.e., pay the full price upfront) and most phones come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

There are some very budget-friendly Pure TalkUSA phones on offer. These phones may be older models and not the latest and greatest iPhones, but they are very affordable and won't break the bank.

Pure TalkUSA Guides and News

If you have any questions about Pure TalkUSA, we're here to answer them. Whether you need help switching to Pure TalkUSA from your current carrier, want to learn more about the network that Pure TalkUSA operates on, or want to hear about the latest deals.

About Pure TalkUSA

One of the most patriotic cell phone carriers in the U.S. is Pure TalkUSA. Why? Because the carrier is owned and operated by a U.S. veteran and partners with a number of military organizations to support both active-duty military members and veterans. In addition to this, Pure TalkUSA’s customer service team is completely based in the U.S.

Cell phone plans from Pure TalkUSA are designed to be budget-friendly and suitable for all users. You can pick a plan based on how much data you expect to use each month and you can change your plan whenever you like. If you need a new phone, then Pure TalkUSA have a number of options for you. While they don’t always have the newest models available, they have plenty of phones to choose from, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and LG phones.

If you are happy with your phone but are just looking to switch to a new plan and provider, Pure TalkUSA also has a bring your own phone option so all you need to do is choose a plan and buy a SIM starter kit for a very small fee.