Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering prepaid cell phone plans on T-Mobile’s network. Owned now by América Móvil, Simple Mobile was originally founded in 2009 with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Being a prepaid service provider, Simple Mobile prides itself in offering up cell phone plans with no contracts, no credit checks and no hidden fees.

All of Simple Mobile plans come with unlimited nationwide talk and text, international text, international calling in select countries, credit towards international calling in other countries, and international roaming in select Latin America countries. Data is packaged in low limits all the way up unlimited. User will not be charged for going over data; however, speeds will be slowed down once the allotted data has been used on an account. Anyone looking to activate multiple lines will be offered special rates as long as the second line’s plan is of equal or greater value to the original line.

From budget friendly phones to top-tier phones, customers have a ton of selection when it comes the devices they can purchase from Simple Mobile. Customers who can’t pay the high prices of premier phones can make monthly payments through Simple Mobile’s SmartPay. If you prefer (and want to save a ton of money) you can bring your paid for and unlocked GSM phone to use with Simple Mobile. You’ll just have to buy a SIM card kit for a very low price.

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